ADS-AUTOCARS NG Fleet: Always a solution to your needs

ADS COACHES NG features a very wide fleet

Beside limo’s and vans for individuals and small parties, ADS-COACHES offers a vast range of luxury coaches from 18 up to 80 seats for journeys all over the country and abroad. All vehicles are equipped with A/C, toilet, adjustable seats, minibar, DVD player, satellite navigation, etc.

ADS-COACHES has also an VIP coach with in the back a little saloon with central table for 10 people. This coach gives the opportunity of having a meeting while driving. A laptop can be connected to the TV screens so every one can follow a presentation. Warm and cold drinks can be served and a micro wave oven is part of the kitchen facility. Of course this VIP coach can be used for weddings or business journeys.

Pleasant travel in a luxury coach

Each coach is fitted with at least one a square sitting area that can suit four guests. Isn’t there a better way to pass the time than playing cards or talk with friends in a relaxed and gentle atmosphere?

Each coach is equiped with a minibar able to serve hot and cold drinks. If ordered before a breakfast or a small meal can be served during the journey to avoid loosing time at unnecessary stops. On request ADS-COACHES can provide a hostess to serve the guest while on the move.

Join a meeting in the traffic jam

ADS-COACHES ‘ VIP midicoach fits a saloon U-sitting in the back and some LED screens.

When taking your visitors from the airport to your company building you can give a extended presentation of your business or promote a new product before arriving at your plant. You can connect your laptop to the flat screens of the coach so everyone can get your information. This allows you you to use the precious time of your customers or employees in the most efficient way possible.

Also for touristic journeys where historical documents can support the explainations of the guide, this midicoach is the best choice.

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